James abraham

James set up JLA Photography in April 2013 as an affordable alternative for professional wedding photography.

A friendly, level-headed photographer with a keen eye for detail, and still a firm believer that photography doesn't have to cost a fortune.

6 years after the formation of JLA Photography, James enlisted the help of John Chauhan, a keen photographer and videographer to help with the growing number of bookings and demand for services.

This then led to the re-branding process into J J Photography.

John undertook photography training whilst in Sixth Form, here he learnt the in's and outs of photography.

During the end of 2017 he got in touch with James to shadow him on a few weddings to help boost his portfolio.

After a year of shadowing on various weddings throughout the year of 2018, James made a proposal of re-branding JLA Photography and bringing John on board, also bringing along a vast knowledge of video editing and videography skills.

A friendly, understanding photographer that shares the same passion James does, that photography and also videography shouldn't have to cost a fortune.

John chauhan